PSVR2 Sanlaki Gunstock - Getting Started

First Steps:

1. Practice mounting and unmounting without wearing the headset first to develop muscle memory! Make sure to use sling.

2. Set Virtual Stock mode on.

3. Calibrate and optimize each weapon inside the shooting range (third aisle).

Make sure to use your sling before practicing and before playing!

Do NOT pull too hard against your shoulder to avoid damage to your controllers.

Sanlaki is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or improper handling.

How to install controller mounts:

Optional: Double Sided Tape (Non-trace)

You can put double sided tape on the mounts if you want to better protect your controllers with potential scratches. Do NOT take out the cover. No need to use the other sticky side of the tape.

Sling set up:

Caution: Do NOT put excessive force against your shoulder!

The gunstock is designed to allow you to pull against your shoulder with reasonable force. Excessive force may cause damage to your controllers!

Sanlaki is not responsible for any damage caused by excessive force, misuse, and improper handling.

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