How to use the Sanlaki Gunstocks


So, you've made the decision to improve your aim and enhance immersion... now what? This page will help you master the Sanlaki gunstock!

In this page, we'll go over:

  • How to properly set up your sling.
  • How to develop muscle memory.
  • How to optimize your gunstock
    • Gunstock calibration
    • Recoil compensation
    • Quick aim control

Click here for Elite gunstock installation

For controller mounts installation go to this page.

Sling set up

First, let's talk about sling set up. There are two mounting points on the gunstock. One is on the main body and the other is on the buttstock. Make sure to properly set up the length to make the buttstock line up to your shoulder area. For Quest 3 and PSVR2 players, make sure to use 1 point sling set-up and attached both clips to the buttstock mounting point.

The sling will help you free up your hands to use pistols, grenades and other equipments. Most importantly, it will help prevent you from accidentally dropping the gunstock when playing.

Muscle memory

There's a slight learning curve when playing with a gunstock. Blindly mounting the controllers on the gunstock can be very frustrating if you don't practice first.

You can quickly develop muscle memory by practicing mounting and unmounting your magnetic controller mounts to the gunstock without wearing the headset.

Make sure to practice first before jumping in a game!

Gunstock optimization

Each weapons have their own aim angle and aim position. Which means, some weapons are more optimized than others with the default settings. This is where the gunstock calibration feature comes in handy! 

Contractors, Pavlov, and Onward all have gunstock calibration feature. I highly recommend optimizing each one carefully to make sure you feel comfortable playing with the gunstock.

I recommend using red dot sight or holographic sight when practicing in the beginning.

After calibration, I highly recommend practicing your recoil compensation. To do this, you need to go to the target range or find a wall and check the bullet pattern. This will help you determine how to physically move your gunstock to compensate for this. You can watch the video here: Recoil Compensation Video

Once you're comfortable with your recoil control, you can practice quick aim by putting your gunstock down and up multiple times until you get a feel on where your sight. The purpose of this exercise is to help you aim quickly and accurately. Watch the video here: ADS video

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