Game settings for the Sanlaki Gunstock

Hi everyone, in this blog we'll go over how to set up the Sanlaki gunstock in different games. As you may know, each weapon has its own aim angle and aim position... So, some weapons are more optimized than others. Each game has slightly different controller placement in relation to in-game weapons. So, you can only imagine how challenging it is to create a gunstock that works with all weapons and games!

This is where gunstock calibration feature comes in handy! Luckily, most games like Onward, Contractors, and Pavlov have similar setup and has gunstock calibration feature.

For Breachers VR, the calibration is limited but it gets the job done. You can adjust the weapon angle. For Index version, you can set it up from -30 to -40 degrees to make it line up properly. For Pico 4, you need to enable virtual stock mode.


Watch the video to see the difference between Virtual Gunstock and Physical Gunstock mode. Ideally, you want to enable physical gunstock mode and manually calibrate each weapon to make sure 



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