Sanlaki Magnetic Stock - Quest 1 or 2

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Aim better in VR!

[UPDATE] Nov 1, 2021 (Applicable to Quest 2 only)

  • Dual magnet mount is now available for Quest 2!
    • Perfect for gun game mode
    • Allows you to use more weapons with iron sights + bolt action M40A5 in Onward
    • Demo here:
  • New barrel design variant allows you to pull hard against your shoulder

[ALERT] WATCH this BEFORE buying cheap a knockoff:

Onward Weapons compatibility:

For gun stock newbies - please, please, please make sure to practice mounting and unmounting without the headset on first to develop muscle memory! It takes around 15-90 mins to get use to using the gun stock in VR. Please be patient!

AR buttstock adapter now available here:

    Compatible with Pavlov, Onward, and Contractor$!

    Tips for Onward players:
    Best set up: holographic sight + foregrip!
    Some weapons are NOT compatible when using iron sight. Please use holographic, red dot, or similar to fix issue!

    12x and 4x zoom works on ALL rifles EXCEPT for the Bolt action (M40A5). You can use a different sight if you want to use it.

    Why choose our design?

    Here are some of our solutions to common problems with other gun stocks:

    Problem 1: "Panic reload" - blindly mounting the controllers back on a small mounting area is very frustrating!
    Our solution: You can easily mount controller anywhere on the metal pipe front (8" or 10")

    Problem 2: You need to manually adjust your gun stock every time you change loadout.
    Our solution: with our metal pipe front + magnetic mount, no need to adjust your physical gun stock.
    You can mount closer for SMGs and farther for rifles and snipers

    Problem 3: 3D printed grips are uncomfortable, can lose fit within couple of weeks of play, can cause blisters (in rare cases), and prone to accidental controller slippage/removal when unmounting.
    Our solution: I left the controller grips as is so you can use any of your favorite comfortable index style grips (AMVR, Mamut, etc...)

    Problem 4: Stocks with controllers on top feels unnatural.
    Our solution: our stock is located on top so it provides a more natural feel

    Problem 5: Controller can hit your stock when putting a magazine when reloading.
    Our solution: since our stock is on top of the controllers, you will not have to tilt your gun stock sideways to avoid hitting your stock when putting a magazine

    1. How is tracking?
    This is actually one of the first problem I had to solve! I spent countless hours testing and with the help and of the Thingiverse 3D community, I was able to make it work well! Also, Oculus has drastically improved their tracking software ever since the first Quest came out. There are also similar designs like the MKIII by VirtualRealitySystems.

    Still skeptical? Feel free to read reviews on our Etsy shop, Reddit, and YouTube!

    Note: this gun stock is designed for right eye dominant and right handed players or left eye dominant and left handed players only... I don't recommend using this if you're right eye dominant but left handed or vice versa. This is unfortunately due to the Quest 2 controller grips being offset to the side of the controller rings.

    2. Will the controller mounts damage the controller rings?
    Great question!!
    First, the magnets we use are super strong but gets off easily at an angle
    Second, I also made sure the controller mounts have wide surface area and the load is well distributed on the inner, top, and bottom of the ring!

      If you want to include a two point sling, make sure to choose "Sling - YES" option.


      Minor issues and fixes:

      • Floaty hands - this happen when the magnetic controller mounts smack really, really, really hard on the metal pipe! It usually happens when reloading.
        • Fix: mount slightly sideways and be more gentle. Practice unmounting and mounting to develop muscle memory!
      • Wandering sight - this happen when aiming down the sight and the weapon feels like it's floating//wandering.
        • Fix 1: check out the sling! The Quest 2 controllers are offset to the side so there's a high chance of occlusion when not properly installed.
        • Fix 2: disable gun and scope smoothing (Onward).
      • Onward snipers using 12x or 4x scopes jitter:
        • 1. Try enabling gun smoothing and scope smoothing if you experience jitters (mostly with M40A5).
        • 2. You can also mount the reload hand at the far end of the pipe to get more tracking visibility.


      Due to the nature of FDM/Additive 3D printing technology - there may be slight imperfections on the surface, which doesn't affect the functionality of the product.

      Do not leave 3D printed parts on hot areas! Avoid leaving them inside your car on a hot day and/or out in the sun. The 3D prints will melt.

      We are also constantly improving this gunstock and you may receive a slightly different design from the product photos.

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