Add-on: ELITE VR Gunstock Parts

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This add-on will allow you to upgrade your Standard Sanlaki gunstock to the ELITE version. Make sure to pick the correct parts you need!

"COMPLETE ADD-ON" comes with everything you need to upgrade to the ELITE version.

"Blocker + Upgraded Reload Mount" comes with 3D printed blocker, muzzle, and upgraded reload mount.

"Buttstock ONLY" comes with the adjustable buttstock and cheek rest.

"Upgraded Reload Mount ONLY" comes with the dual magnet reload hand mount 

The new UPGRADED reload mount comes with stronger magnet and have ridge to help prevent rotation.

Pick your RELOAD/forehand hand. This is the one you will use for the upgraded controller mount.

So, if you use left controller as your reload/forehand then pick "Reload mount = LEFT controller"

If you're right handed (trigger hand = right hand), then pick "Reload mount = LEFT controller"

If you're left handed (trigger hand = left hand), then pick "Reload mount = RIGHT controller"


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