Sanlaki Pullstock ELITE

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Aim better in VR!

This Sanlaki ELITE Pullstock is designed to help you aim better in VR and enhance your experience by giving you the stock feel against your shoulder and cheek.

The purpose is to give you a physical point of reference to help you develop consistent aim position for quick draw and fast reloads.

It also comes with adjustable length and adjustable cheek rest.
The cheek rest helps enhance immersion

    Designed for fast paced action games like Population one in mind and is also compatible with Pavlov, Onward, and Contractor$!

    For Pavlov, Onward, and Contractor$ - simply turn on virtual gunstock mode. 

    Environmental friendly

    The 3D printed parts we produce are made out of Polylactide (PLA), a renewable thermoplastic and a polymer. It is 'processed' from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.


      Due to the nature of FDM/Additive 3D printing technology - there may be slight imperfections on the surface, which doesn't affect the functionality of the product.

      Do not leave 3D printed parts on hot areas! Avoid leaving them inside your car on a hot day and/or out in the sun. The 3D prints will melt.

      We are also constantly improving this pullstock and you may receive a slightly different design from the product photos.

      Note: We do not collect any import/VAT fees.

      Peace of mind

      FREE replacements for any defective parts

      We check each individual parts before shipping out to ensure great quality. However, there were few cases in the past that we have gotten bad quality filaments that resulted in poor layer adhesion. This is very hard to spot since the print looks normal. So, as a way to give you peace of mind --- we are offering FREE replacement parts for any defective parts including free shipping!

      Reach out to us

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