Mini Magnetic Gunstock

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Aim better in VR

Perfect for people who want something light and portable.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST WEAPONS (rifles, heavy, smgs)
Why choose this?

Other gunstocks in the market are super hard to use and can take weeks to learn.
That is why we made our magnetic rifle gunstock with metal mounts so you can easily play within minutes!

  • Beginner friendly: ready to play in minutes
  • Natural feel: the magnetic snap design is located on top
  • Easy install: no extra tools needed
  • Weapons+: works with wide range of weapons
What's included
  • Magnetic controller mounts - 2pcs
  • 1/2in x 10in threaded metal pipe

Specifically designed for Pavlov, Contractors, and Onward.

It sort of works with Pop one but I personally don't recommend it because pop one is very fast paced.
I recommend our gripstock design instead:

Helpful tips

Practice unmounting and mounting the controllers before putting your headset to develop muscle memory.  Add a couple layers of Gorilla tape on the magnets to dampen strength.

Assembly time: 1-3 minutes


Due to the nature of FDM/Additive 3D printing technology - there may be slight imperfections on the surface, which doesn't affect the functionality of the product.

Do not leave 3D printed parts on hot areas! Avoid leaving them inside your car on a hot day and/or out in the sun. The 3D prints will melt.

We are also constantly improving this gunstock and you may receive a slightly different design from the product photos.

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