Sanlaki VR Table Tennis Paddle Adapter

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Naturally feel every ball hit

Quest 3 - PLUS version comes with adjustable counterweights (up to 35g) that can be attached on the handle.
Quest 3 - Basic with controller weighs around 185g.
Quest 3 Plus with controller weight around 185g to 220g depending on how many weights used.

Installation page

Helpful tips

Optional hacks to make the Quest 2 paddle lighter:
1. Use super light AA battery + AAA to AA adapter
2. Remove battery cover

The paddle + Quest 2 controller + original battery weighs about 200g.
Doing those optional hacks can make your paddle weigh around 170-185g (depending on which battery you use).

 You can also wrap a grip tape on the handle to further enhance realism!

Why choose this?
- Feels natural: lower center of gravity and shaped to a real paddle!

  • Enhance gameplay and immersion
    - Printed the top part flat for improved strength
    - Two way color makes it more aesthetically pleasing

Special thanks to the Eleven Table Tennis Discord community for providing amazing feedback and for helping me improve the paddle design!!!

ETT discord channel:

Improve game immersion with this 3D printed ping pong paddle!

It's super easy to set up and feels great to hold.

NOTICE: If you tend to have sweaty palms, you may need to use a grip tape to avoid making it too slippery.

Designed for Eleven Table Tennis.

Pen hold grip is NOT compatible.

Quest 1: While I designed the ping pong paddle for Quest 1 from scratch, this design is inspired by this:
Quest 2: Designed from scratch as well with the help and feedback of Eleven Table Tennis developer and the ETT discord community!

Due to the nature of FDM/Additive 3D printing technology - there may be slight imperfections on the surface, which doesn't affect the functionality of the product.

We also improve this product based on user feedback so you may get a slightly different version from the photos.

Please play responsibly. Sanlaki VR is not responsible for any damages caused by improper use or misuse of our products.

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