Which gunstock to buy?

One of the main problems with other gun stocks in the market is "panic" reload. It is when you get killed in the middle of a firefight because you struggle to reload quickly and easily. Blindly mounting back the controllers in a small area is a very frustrating experience! It is one of the reasons why I decided to design a gun stock.

My solution for the "panic" reload is the magnetic controller mounts and metal pipe front. This set up allows you to mount easily anywhere on the pipe! With the Sanlaki gun stock, you can reload with ease quickly!

You can also mount closer for SMGs and farther for rifles and snipers. This also means that you do not have to adjust your gun stock everytime you change loadout!

We have two main gun stock designs. Please read below to see the difference between the two so you can make an informed decision.

The Sanlaki Rifle Magnetic Gunstock is best if you mostly play with SMGs and rifles using holographic or red dot sight. It is ideal if you love to display your VR accessories and if you plan on shooting videos! Note: this gun stock works with most weapons but is NOT compatible with bolt action M40A5 (Onward) and some ironsights. UPDATE: dual magnet version deals with the shortcomings of the standard mount.

The Sleek Dual Gunstock is best bang for your buck. The simple design allows for more headset clearance. Meaning, you can use more weapon types! It's also compatible with more weapons using ironsight and sniper scopes. Get this if you prefer function over form!

We designed multiple magnetic gunstocks for different play styles.

Casual gamers - Magnetic Gunstock or Sleek Dual Gunstock



DIY builders - Magnetic Gunstock DIY kit




Competitive players - Mini Magnetic Gunstock


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