What makes our magnetic gunstock special?

One of the main problems with other gun stocks in the market is "panic" reload. It is when you get killed in the middle of a firefight because you struggle to reload quickly and easily. Blindly mounting back the controllers in a small area is a very frustrating experience! It is one of the reasons why I decided to design my own gun stock.

My solution for the "panic" reload is the magnetic controller mounts and metal pipe front. This set up allows you to mount easily anywhere on the pipe! With the Sanlaki gun stock, you can reload with ease quickly!

You can also mount closer for SMGs and farther for rifles and snipers. This also means that you do not have to adjust your gun stock everytime you change loadout!

Check out our magnetic gunstock designs we created for different play styles!


Magnetic Rifle Gunstock - best for Casual Gamers



Magnetic Gunstock DIY kit - best for DIY Builders



Mini Magnetic Gunstock - best for Competitive Players

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