Oculus Quest Gunstock - Sanlaki Overview

Hi everyone, Lerrick here from Sanlaki. In this blog, we will go over the features and benefits of our Sanlaki gunstock for Oculus Quest and why you may want to use one! We will also go over the most frequently asked questions.


I decided to design the Sanlaki gunstock because I was very frustrated with how hard to use and how expensive the available gunstocks in the market during that time.

Problems and solutions

1. "Panic reload" - blindly mounting the controllers back on a small mounting area is very frustrating!

Our solution is the magnetic controller mount and metal pipe front. Instead of a tiny mounting area, with our gunstock, you can easily mount anywhere on the metal pipe front.

2. You need to manually adjust your gun stock every time you change loadout.

Our solution, you can mount closer for SMGs and farther for rifles and snipers.

3. 3D printed grips can be uncomfortable and they can lose fit within a couple of weeks of play. They are also prone to accidental controller slippage or removal when unmounting.

For our gunstock, I left the controller grips as is so you can use any of your favorite comfortable index style grips (AMVR, Mamut, etc...)

4. Stocks with controllers on top feel unnatural.

Our stock is located on top so it provides a more natural feel

5. Hitting your controller against the stock when reloading.

Since our stock is on top of the controllers, you will not have to tilt your gun stock sideways to avoid hitting your stock when putting a magazine


FAQ #1: How is tracking?

This is actually one of the first problems I had to solve! It’s not perfect but works 99% of the time. Inside-out tracking has blind spots but Oculus tracking software has improved a lot over the past year or so.

Still skeptical? You can check out reviews from actual customers on our Etsy shop!

Over the past month, I had few reports of minor tracking issues with high zoomed scopes, especially with the M16A4 and FAMAS in Onward. The crosshair tends to “float” or jitter when you aim down sight and you don’t move for more than 3 seconds. The current fix is to mount farther on the pipe. Adjusting scope + gun smoothing helps a lot as well.

Onward weapons compatibility test

Most ironsights are still not usable with the original Sanlaki gunstock and unfortunately the bolt action m40a5 is also still not usable as well (SV-98 works).

Google sheet

FAQ #2: will the controller mounts damage my controller rings?

Short answer is no. The magnets are super strong but get off easily at an angle. I also made sure the load is distributed in a wide surface area. Top, bottom and middle of the ring.

Side note: do not remove the cover of the double sided tape!

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