How to MASTER any weapon in Contractor$

In this blog, I'm gonna share two quick tips on how to master any weapon in Contractors!

If you're anything like me, you probably have a favorite loadout and a favorite weapon that you use every single game.

Do you try different weapons once in a while but always go back to your favorite one after getting wrecked? Then, keep reading!

First tip is all about recoil compensation and second tip is about developing muscle memory to aim down the sight quickly and accurately.

Let's start with recoil compensation.

Each weapon has its own recoil pattern, and what I usually do first is check the pattern multiple times. You can compensate for this with practice. You need to physically move your aim in the opposite direction of the pattern.

This takes a lot of practice, so be patient!

Now let's practice aiming down the sight quickly and accurately.

Aiming down the sight quickly is very easy BUT aiming down the sight accurately is very hard.

So, what I do is I bring down my weapon each shot to mimic encountering an enemy while moving around the map.

Using the Sanlaki gunstock helps a lot because it gives you 3 physical points of contact when developing muscle memory.

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