Quest 2 & 1 - VR accessories bundle

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VR bundle

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What's included:
1. Magnetic rifle gunstock with sling ($89.99)
2. Ping pong paddle ($24.99)
3. 2 Year accidental protection ($19.99)

Total value = $134.98
Bundle price = $119.98
Savings = $15

[UPDATE] If you want the ability to pull the gunstock really hard against your shoulder, send me a message at! I have a design variant that may work for you. The standard gunstock comes with super strong magnets that disconnects easily at an angle. This was design on purpose to protect your controllers by putting the least amount of stress on the rings. While you can pull against your shoulder with reasonable force (as you can see on my videos), it's not designed to be pull hard like a real life rifle.

Ping pong paddle

[UPDATE] Oct 31,2020: Quest 2 version is ready! Special thanks to the Eleven Table Tennis Discord community for providing amazing feedback and for helping me improve the paddle design!!!

Quest 2 in-game adapter option is up! Just create a preset and select "Sanlaki" adapter option.

Naturally feel every ball hit!

Improve game immersion with this 3D printed ping pong paddle!
It's super easy to set up and feels great to hold.

Designed for Eleven Table Tennis.

How to use:
Quest 1: change your paddle setting to "VR adapter" and you're good to go!
Quest 2: in-game adapter option coming soon

Why choose this?
- Enhance gameplay and immersion
- Printed the top part flat for improved strength
- Two way color makes it more aesthetically pleasing

**We're constantly improving this design so there is a chance that you may receive a slightly different version from the photos**

Aim better in VR!

Onward Weapons compatibility:

For gun stock newbies - please, please, please make sure to practice mounting and unmounting without the headset on first to develop muscle memory! It takes around 15-90 mins to get use to using the gun stock in VR. Please be patient!

Limited availability!

Designed for Oculus Quest 1 and Quest 2


Play in minutes!

Compatible with Pavlov, Onward, and Contractor$!

Tips for Onward players:
Best set up: holographic sight + foregrip!
Some weapons are NOT compatible when using iron sight. Please use holographic, red dot, or similar to fix issue!

12x and 4x zoom works on ALL rifles EXCEPT for the Bolt action (M40A5). You can use a different sight if you want to use it.

Environmental friendly

The 3D printed parts we produce are made out of Polylactide (PLA), a renewable thermoplastic and a polymer. It is 'processed' from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • Beginner friendly: controllers are easy to mount back
  • Natural feel: the magnetic snap design is located on top
  • Easy install: play in minutes
  • Weapons+: works with wide range of weapons

What's included

  • Magnetic controller mounts - 2pcs
  • 1/2" x 8" threaded metal pipes - 3pcs
  • 3D printed rifle parts
    • Front barrel
    • Back body frame
    • Buttstock
    • Muzzle

 [Update] Sling position is updated for Quest 2 version, see photos! We realized the old placement of sling for Quest 1 was blocking the new Quest 2 controller in front due to them being offset to the side. New orders will come with the new sling set up by default!

Helpful tips

Make sure to remove the cover of the clear double sided tape on the controllers for better fit! 

Practice unmounting and mounting the controllers before putting your headset to develop muscle memory.  Add a couple layers of Gorilla tape on the magnets to dampen strength.

NOTE: You can rest the buttstock comfortably with reasonable force on your shoulder BUT the magnetic controller mount will disconnect if too much force is applied. It's purposely designed this way to put the least amount of stress on the controller rings.

Assembly time: 3-5 minutes


Due to the nature of FDM/Additive 3D printing technology - there may be slight imperfections on the surface, which doesn't affect the functionality of the product.

Do not leave 3D printed parts on hot areas! Avoid leaving them inside your car on a hot day and/or out in the sun. The 3D prints will melt.

We are also constantly improving this gunstock and you may receive a slightly different design from the product photos.