Why choose Sanlaki gun stock designs?

Here are some of our solutions to common problems with other gun stocks:

Problem 1: "Panic reload" - blindly mounting the controllers back on a small mounting area is very frustrating!
Our solution: You can easily mount controller anywhere on the metal pipe front

Problem 2: You need to manually adjust your gun stock every time you change loadout.
Our solution: with our metal pipe front + magnetic mount, no need to adjust your physical gun stock.
You can mount closer for SMGs and farther for rifles and snipers

Problem 3: 3D printed grips are uncomfortable, can lose fit within couple of weeks of play, can cause blisters (in rare cases), and prone to accidental controller slippage/removal when unmounting.
Our solution: I left the controller grips as is so you can use any of your favorite comfortable index style grips (AMVR, Mamut, etc...)

Problem 4: Stocks with controllers on top feels unnatural.
Our solution: our stock is located on top so it provides a more natural feel

Problem 5: Controller can hit your stock when putting a magazine when reloading.
Our solution: since our stock is on top of the controllers, you will not have to tilt your gun stock sideways to avoid hitting your stock when putting a magazine

1. How is tracking?
This is actually one of the first problem I had to solve! I spent countless hours testing and with the help and of the Thingiverse 3D community, I was able to make it work well! Also, Oculus has drastically improved their tracking software ever since the first Quest came out. There are also similar designs like the MKIII by VirtualRealitySystems.

Still skeptical? Feel free to read reviews on our Etsy shop, Reddit, and YouTube!

2. Will the controller mounts damage the controller rings?
Great question!!
First, the magnets we use are super strong but gets off easily at an angle
Second, I also made sure the controller mounts have wide surface area and the load is well distributed on the inner, top, and bottom of the ring!

3. Why do pro players use bottom mounted stocks instead of top mounted stocks like Sanlaki?

As you know, other gun stocks in the market had at least a 4 year head start! When VR fps games first came out, it made sense to do it that way because of how the controllers were designed at the time.

Our gun stocks are designed and tailored to casual to heavy gamers in mind. However, there are also league players using our gun stock design now because of the advantages our design offers.

We're hoping to break the myth of bottom mounted ones being superior just because more pro players used them. I sincerely think it's about each person's individual preference and what they are used to! There are players who prefer the freedom of doing freehand mode and players who enjoy the added benefits of using a gun stock. So, try and find out which one works better for your style!

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