VR Golf Club Accessory for Meta Quest 3

Enhance your VR golf game with the Sanlaki VR golf club accessory. It's fully integrated in Golf+ with Sanlaki preset!

The Problem

The problem with playing with just the controllers is that, they don't feel anything like a golf club. The Quest 3 controllers in particular are very lightweight too making it feel like you're playing with a plastic toy instead of playing mini golf.

It reduces the immersion and my goal is to make your experience more realistic!

The solution

My solution for this is this mini golf club adapter that is made with real golf club grip for realistic texture and feel. It also comes with metal pipe for that added weight.

I used to play mini golf with my siblings but now we live hundreds of miles away from each other. So, it's nice to have VR mini golf as an alternative! It's like having our own mini golf course that we can go to anytime we want!

The Setup

Now, let's go over setup. Installing the Sanlaki VR golf accessory is very easy. I also put the controller at angle so the tracking lights are facing your headset camera.

For Golf+, pick the Sanlaki preset and it will line up the adapter automatically. For Walkabout Minigolf, all you need to do is adjust the angle to -18 degrees.
Minor downside for this in Walkabout Minigolf is that your in-game club is lower compared to your physical hands. I'm hoping the developers can add the ability to manually adjust this using a slider. Alternatively, you can manually calibrate it in the settings.

Why choose Sanlaki VR?

The nice thing about our design is it's modular. So you can easily upgrade parts. For example, if you decide to get different controllers like the Quest pro touch controllers, you just need to replace the top part and you can use the same handle.

We also offer free replacements for any defective parts with free shipping. and we also cover accidental damage replacement for a minimum of 30 days, just cover shipping and handling!

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