Ultralight VR Gunstock for Battle Royale VR games

Aim better in VR with the ultralight VR gunstock. It's a lightweight 3D-printed VR gunstock designed for VR Battle Royale games like Population One and Contractors Showdown. It also works with Ghost of Tabor!

Contractors and Contractors showdown have an almost identical gun mechanics. They even have the same gunstock modes available.

So, you might be wondering... why create this new gunstock design? Why not use the highly rated Elite Sanlaki gunstock for Showdown instead? In this blog, we're gonna answer that question.

Why design this new VR gunstock?

The main problem with playing with just the controllers is the lack of aim consistency. This can happen because you don't have any physical point of reference when aiming down the sight.

Have you ever had win streaks one day then go on a losing streak the next? Or have you been hitting those headshots in one session but then keep missing your targets the next time you play again? Then, you probably suffered from lack of aim consistency.

That's one of the reasons why I made this ultra lightweight gunstock. The purpose of it is to help stabilize your aim and give you a consistent aim position by giving you a physical point of reference when aiming down the sight. Contractors showdown is fast paced. So, aiming quickly and accurately is very important. It can be the difference between winning and losing!

Another problem with playing with just the controllers is the lack of immersion. Having your hands just float in the air while you hold a rifle in VR is not very immersive.

I believe VR is all about immersion and there is a better and more immersive way to play.


If you've seen my other designs like the full Elite gunstock and the budget friendly lite stock. You might be wondering, why not just use those? Well, you can technically use them and have no problems with using weapons.

However, the problem is they can slow you down when playing battle royal games. Contractors Showdown requires you to free up your hands to pick up items, use parachute, and other things. Mounting back both controllers on the full gunstocks can be very challenging especially for beginners. So they are not ideal for fast paced battle royal games.

This Ultralight VR gunstock is attached to the controller so you can easily do quick hand motions, pick up items, use parachute, and then aim down the sight quickly!
It's very lightweight and only weighs around 2.5oz. It's not as immersive as the full magnetic gunstock but it still gives you the buttstock feel and it gets the job done.

Why choose Sanlaki VR?

  1. First is because you will get peace of mind knowing you're getting a product from a reputable small family owned business. You can check what other gamers say about Sanlaki VR on our official Etsy shop! Our products have an average of 4.8 stars across thousands of reviews!
  2. Second, is because we offer free replacements for any defective parts including free shipping. We also cover 30 days of accidental damage replacement, just cover shipping and handling.
  3. Lastly, because just like you, I believe VR is the future of gaming. I am a gamer myself and I design stuff that makes my VR experience more immersive. I started Sanlaki VR to share this passion and I hope you join me in this journey.


To wrap up, this new Ultralight stock will help enhance your immersion.
It will also help you aim better by giving you a physical point of reference when aiming down the sight. It's very lightweight, so you can easily do hand motions, pick up items, and aim down the sight quickly.

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