Population One - Sanlaki Pullstock

Improve your aim on Population One with the Sanlaki Pullstock!


In this blog, I'm going to show you the new product I've been working on! The Sanlaki Pullstock. The purpose of it is to improve your aim and enhance your experience by giving you the stock feel against your shoulder.

It's intended to give you a physical point of reference so you can quickly and accurately aim down the sight.

It's lightweight and it's designed for players who like playing free hand mode but wants to increase immersion and accuracy. It's ideal for fast action playstyle. So, if you mostly run around the map with SMGs and rifles, this product might be for you.

I decided to design this one after a number of players requested a stock that doesn't have the front barrel.

It was designed for population one in mind but it works with other fps games like Contractor$, Onward, Pavlov. It works well with virtual gunstock mode!

This Sanlaki pullstock is not as immersive as the magnetic gunstocks but it gets the job done and requires little to no practice to get started!

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