I love my Kat Walk C2 BUT...

In this blog, I'm gonna share 3 reasons why I'm not gonna use my Kat Walk when playing multiplayer fps games.

So I got my Kat Walk C2 few weeks ago and I'm loving it so far! Physically running away from zombies in Pavlov gotta be one of the best VR experience I've had in a while.

I love my Kat walk c2 BUT there's one big thing I am not gonna use it for, which is to play multiplayer fps games with it.

And in this blog, I'll share 3 reasons why!

All of the reasons I'm gonna share are just my personal preference and may not be true for everyone.

Reason 1

The first reason is that I get tired quickly which affects my aim and accuracy... this could just be a me thing because I'm out of shape.

However, I think even if you're in shape, it's still a huge disadvantage because other players are just using their thumb to move around the map while you have to move your whole body physically.

Maybe if everyone uses a Kat walk then the playing field would be even.

Reason 2

The second reason is that it's very hard for me to accurately control my movements.
So going behind covers is a bit challenging. It's difficult and it slows me down when I try to position myself.

It's also difficult to move while shooting. I tend to move sideways and backward when firing to avoid being a sitting duck and this is very challenging to do with the Kat Walk C2. I find myself stopping to shoot which leaves me in a vulnerable spot.

As an alternative, I use my joystick when I feel like I'm gonna encounter an enemy. This sort of beats the purpose of the Kat Walk in my opinion...

Reason 3

The third reason is because of footsteps sounds. I'm not sure if this is a real issue or not but I feel like when playing a slow-paced game like Onward, it's better for me to use the joystick to move quietly. I worry that when I use my feet it'll make a sound and give my position away.

So yeah those are the main reasons why I am not gonna use my Kat Walk c2 when playing multiplayer fps games.

Do I regret buying one? Far from it! I love playing single-player games with it.

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