Design variant for Sanlaki gunstocks


TLDR: you can now pull harder against your shoulder for added stability with the updated Sanlaki gunstock variant!

Hi everyone, Lerrick here from Sanlaki, in this blog I'm going to share a few quick updates on the Sanlaki gunstocks

First, we're gonna talk about this design variant that allows you to pull the gunstock against your shoulder with more force. Then, we're going to talk about how to use pistols, grenades, and other equipments. Lastly, we're going to weigh the gunstocks.

I made a design variant that allows you to pull the gunstock against your shoulder with a bit more force.

So what I did is I extended this side of the barrel so it blocks the controller mount. I also made the mounting area smaller to make the magnet connection harder to break when pulling it against your shoulder.

The back part is still the same so it's still easy to take out when you unmount and reload.

The gunstock has a modular design so all you need is this updated barrel.
For the sleek gunstock,I had to update two parts in order to make it work properly.


Sanlaki Gunstock History
I purposely designed the gunstock with strong magnets that break of easily at an angle. And this was a major design choice I made to put the least amount of stress on the controller rings.

I originally made the Sanlaki gunstock for the Quest 1 and you all know how fragile those controllers are... That's why I focused the design on protecting the controller rings.

I believe the design tradeoff is well worth it and the majority of players don't really have any problem with that design you can see with all of the reviews on our Etsy shop!

That's why I'm only offering this variant to people who want it. I'll put more information on the product description to clarify the details.

Using pistols, grenades, and equipments.

Now, let's go over how to use pistols, grenades, and equipments. The answer to that is to simply use a sling to free up your hands.

I saw a YouTuber last time who tried to use pistols this way. I don't recommend doing it this way. The gunstock is designed to be use with a sling to free up your hands.

The original gunstock currently weighs at around 532 grams and the sleek at around 471 grams. Bottled water 515 grams.

Thingiverse and website
As always, I will be sharing the design files for free on Thingiverse and you can also get the full gunstock on our official website!

I also want to remind everyone that there are a lot of cheap knockoffs floating around so your safest bet is to go on our official website or Etsy shop.

On my next blog, I'm going to go over the new buttstock options for the original Sanlaki gunstock. So make sure to subscribe to get the latest update!

Thank you for reading!

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